Motivation to Start #1: Decay!

Are you faced with a large collection of family photos and memorabilia that you need to organize, but you’re putting off starting? You’re not alone! Starting can be the hardest part of the process.

I’m taking a break between clients to organize and digitize my own family’s collection because, as family members have moved or passed away, we have inherited all of the family photos and mementos going back to at least 1870. That’s a lot of stuff! We are preparing for a move overseas, so now is the time to get this done.

I wanted to share some tips over the next few weeks that might motivate you to get started organizing your own collection! And if you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments!

The first tip is one that is probably in the back of everyone’s minds, but it’s good to be reminded:

Everything Decays! It’s called ephemera for a reason – photos, videos, scrapbooks, uniforms, anything you might save as a keepsake, these are all subject to the ravages of time and the environment. But if these items aren’t stored properly, that degradation is accelerated and precious items can be lost.

I wanted to share a photo of what I discovered in one of the keepsake tubs. Years ago, we found these keepsakes in cardboard boxes in the garage, so we transferred them to plastic tubs until we could decide what to do with them. As you can see, the items in one of the tubs became moldy and many of the photos and papers in the tub were ruined or badly damaged.

So, the sooner you get started on your project, the sooner you can get your cherished memories into appropriate storage to help slow the degradation. And, if you’re able to digitize everything, you’ll have a copy to enjoy for generations to come!

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