Motivation to Start #3: Treasures!

Here’s another reason I’m so glad I finally got started on my own family’s photo collection: it’s been a blast to find non-photo treasures!

If you already know what’s in your collection, or if you know everything you have is a photograph, this may not apply to you. But my family’s collection contains every bit of memorabilia ever saved, going back to the 1800s! (If anyone needs an obituary, I probably have it.)

This might seem overwhelming at first, but you can think of it as a treasure hunt. You never know what little gems you might find! For instance, check out this incredible photo album. It has its own stand and little drawer, and part of the album is made of fabric. Unfortunately, there weren’t any little treats in the drawer, but I like to imagine what little trinkets might have lived in there.

And you know how we’re told to hold on to our tax receipts for so many years? Evidently my forebears took that really seriously, because I have property tax receipts going all the way back to 1871! Ah, what I would give to pay $6.96 in property tax on our farm this year…

I was also charmed by the postcards album featuring cards from the early 1900s. So lovely!

What kinds of non-photo treasures have you come across as you’ve gone through your memorabilia collections?

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