The Road So Far…

I inherited my love of photography from my dad. He always managed to capture portraits of people that really spoke to the true essence of the person (most of the photos on this site were shot by him on his trusty Olympus OM-1).

I, on the other hand, developed a fondness for frog and toad portraiture. But at least my dad’s legacy lives on and my love of photography has expanded into helping others enjoy and preserve their own photos.

Over the years, I have organized our own families’ photos and created photo books, albums, slideshows, videos, and a variety of other items to give as gifts and to help preserve our families’ stories. Now I am doing the same for those struggling with the overwhelm of a large or disorganized photo collection!

What’s in a name?

My husband, Joe, and I are musicians and have recorded and performed in our two-piece progressive rock band called Clatter for many years. 

As I was going through my coursework to become a NAPO-affiliated Professional Organizer, I noticed that many organizing sites leaned toward the spare and pale with their message. If you know who Marie Kondo is, that’s the kind of vibe I kept getting: calm, serene, minimalist. 

I could see how those images might be appealing, but they just weren’t resonating with me. I may be an organizer, but that doesn’t mean my life is always so spare and elegant. And with 10 rescue cats underfoot, it stressed me out to think I could probably never achieve that zen, picture-perfect state of organized bliss.

So, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the organizing process in a more boisterous and lighthearted way. That’s why I came up with Clatter Not Clutter – Organize Like a Rock Star! The idea is to help people declutter their lives so that they can have more room and more time to do their thing, whether it’s art or travel or just getting their voice heard: making a clatter!

In other words, I want to turn the organizer’s axiom “Done is better than perfect” into “FUN is better than perfect!” Getting started can be daunting, it’s going to be an ongoing process, so why not have some fun with it along the way? 

Dad in a rare appearance in front of the camera with me (right) and my sister.