Free Containers for Sorting Photos!

A shipment of cat food arrived the other day and it made me think of photo organizing. How is that even possible, you ask? Well, to start with, I pretty much think about photo organizing 24 hours a day (yes, I even dream about it!). So I look at just about everything through the lensContinue reading “Free Containers for Sorting Photos!”

Motivation to Start #10: Sharing!

I had intended to finish my “Motivation to Start” series back in August with what I think is the biggest motivator of all – sharing – but somehow here it is mid-October already!As some of you might remember, my mom celebrated her 80th birthday in August, and I was preparing some photo gifts for her toContinue reading “Motivation to Start #10: Sharing!”

Scanning Prints versus Negatives

As I was working on a client project today, it occurred to me I could illustrate one of the scanning principles we often talk about: it’s usually best to scan negatives rather than prints. The first photo is an example of three original prints (the smaller squares) along with three photos that I scanned fromContinue reading “Scanning Prints versus Negatives”

Motivation to Start #9: Albums!

A client recently told me she didn’t need to do anything with her physical photo collection because her best prints were all organized in albums already. From an organizational and enjoyment standpoint, that’s fantastic! But from a preservation standpoint, it could be disastrous. Choosing your favorite shots and arranging them in albums or scrapbooks isContinue reading “Motivation to Start #9: Albums!”

Image Resolution: What’s the Difference?

I recently treated myself to a 50 megapixel Canon camera for my birthday (I know, I’m a geek and proud of it!). I won’t be using it for frog and toad portraiture, which is one of my favorite pastimes. Instead, I’ll be using it in my camera scanning rig. I think there is a lotContinue reading “Image Resolution: What’s the Difference?”

Motivation to Start #8: Improve Damaged Photos!

Here’s another fun before and after. You’ve probably come across vintage photos that have a silver mirroring in the dark areas. That’s often because the chemicals weren’t fixed properly when the print was made. Since the silver is highly reflective, it makes the image difficult to see. There’s a trick in camera scanning, called “crossContinue reading “Motivation to Start #8: Improve Damaged Photos!”

Motivation to Start #7: Technology is Your Friend!

Have you had a chance to delve into your photo collection yet? Any pleasant surprises? If you’re still needing a little motivation, here’s another thing to remember: technology is your friend! You don’t have to be a computer genius to benefit from all the help technology can offer. I’m working on my digital photo collectionContinue reading “Motivation to Start #7: Technology is Your Friend!”

Motivation to Start #6: Duplicates!

Here’s another tip that might help you get started organizing your photos, both physical and digital: DUPLICATES!!! If you’re like pretty much every person on the planet, you have a bunch of duplicates. And those are taking up a ton of space, either in real life or on your computer or device. Why is knowingContinue reading “Motivation to Start #6: Duplicates!”

Motivation to Start #5: Photo Treasures!

As I continue to sort through my own family’s photo collection, I keep finding unexpected reasons I’m glad I finally took the plunge. I mentioned the other day what fun it is finding treasures that aren’t even photos. But the obvious payoff I think most of us are expecting are the photos themselves. And inContinue reading “Motivation to Start #5: Photo Treasures!”