Motivation to Start #4: Share the Load!

One of the biggest motivators for organizing family photos is sharing the fruits of your labors with all your near and distant relatives. Won’t your second cousin once removed be thrilled to see a photo of her grandma that she didn’t know existed? I’m going to talk more about that kind of sharing in aContinue reading “Motivation to Start #4: Share the Load!”

Motivation to Start #3: Treasures!

Here’s another reason I’m so glad I finally got started on my own family’s photo collection: it’s been a blast to find non-photo treasures! If you already know what’s in your collection, or if you know everything you have is a photograph, this may not apply to you. But my family’s collection contains every bitContinue reading “Motivation to Start #3: Treasures!”

Motivation to Start #2: Sorting is Fun!

As I’m progressing on my family’s photo collection, I’m reminded of another benefit to getting started organizing your photos: doing a broad, quick sort is fun and immediately gratifying! Chances are, you have a box in your collection that contains a hodgepodge of photos – different people, different decades, different types of prints, all jumbledContinue reading “Motivation to Start #2: Sorting is Fun!”

Motivation to Start #1: Decay!

Are you faced with a large collection of family photos and memorabilia that you need to organize, but you’re putting off starting? You’re not alone! Starting can be the hardest part of the process. I’m taking a break between clients to organize and digitize my own family’s collection because, as family members have moved orContinue reading “Motivation to Start #1: Decay!”