We are here to help you preserve and enjoy your physical and digital photos, and/or any of your digital data. Learn more about our services below, or book a free 30-minute consultation!

Physical Photos

Do you have bins, boxes, and bags of prints, slides, and negatives languishing in a basement or attic? If so, let us turn those forgotten memories into high-quality digital images that you can easily enjoy and share!

We use state-of-the-art, in-house camera scanning equipment to transform your physical memorabilia into high resolution images that are easy to search and share with others.

Once scanned, we can return the photos to their original storage containers, or, better yet, we can create a well-organized and -labelled archival storage solution that will slow down the deterioration of the photos. We will also help you preserve the digital copies of your scanned photos so that you can access them anywhere and keep them backed up.

Digital Photos

Digital photography really took off with the invention of the smart phone, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re like pretty much every person on the planet, your digital photo collection quickly got away from you, and now you don’t know where all your photos are or whether they are properly backed up. How many times have you wanted to show someone a photo and you ended up spending five minutes scrolling through the photos on your phone, only to finally give up without ever finding it?

We can help! Let us wrangle your digital data into an organized, searchable, and shareable collection that is available on all your devices and backed up automatically. No more scrolling through photos, no more “out of storage” warnings, and no more worrying if you’ll lose everything in a computer failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our services are charged by the hour. This way, there are no hidden fees or additional add-ons for extra services, such as dealing with large, fragile, and/or damaged photos when scanning, or multiple devices and hard drives when organizing digital files.

How long will my project take?

That will depend on the number of physical and/or digital photos you have and what shape they’re in. During your free half-hour consultation, I will ask you more about your photo collection and gather details about what you have and what you’d like to have done with it.

Then, once I have a better picture (pun intended!) of your unique situation, I’ll be able to give you an estimate for how long it will take to provide the services you need. After I begin to work on your project, I’ll continue to update you every step of the way to give you progress reports and let you know if we encounter any difficulties or problematic situations that might require more time to remedy.

What about additional products, like prints, albums, hard drives, archival storage boxes, etc.?

I would be delighted to turn your favorite images into an heirloom photo album or digital slideshow, wall art, photo box…the possibilities are endless! I work with some of the best photo labs and printers in the country, some of whom aren’t available to the public, and have seen many of their products first-hand and can vouch for their quality. I can also assist you with choosing archival storage methods for your prints, slides, negatives, and other memorabilia. All of these products will incur an additional charge beyond the hourly fee.

What is camera scanning?

Camera scanning is the process of taking a high resolution photograph of a print, negative, slide, or other object with a stationary DSLR camera equipped with a special lens. This produces a high-quality digital copy that can be enlarged, edited, repaired, catalogued, and/or backed up. In other words, you can create a copy that is even better than the original!

Camera scanning has become the industry standard for institutions such as museums and libraries around the world because it’s possible to get high resolution, archival-quality scans in a fraction of the time it used to take with a traditional flatbed scanner.

Your physical memorabilia will be stored in our dedicated camera-scanning room and handled with care using appropriate gloves and handling methods. Dirty or dusty items will be carefully cleaned before scanning. Once scanned, items will be placed back into their original containers or into archival storage containers (recommended).